6 gifts you can gift your assistant on birthday

Birthday is the day of joy. Everyone waits for his or her birthday all year. They all expect something special from their friends and family. They desire to have some soft words from employers and senior at workplace too on this special day. 

Dear employers, your assistants and employees are your support. They make your work easier. Therefore, it is somehow necessary to treat your juniors with some sweets and gifts on their birthdays. 

There are many things which you can gift them but to make the process of selecting a gift for them easier, I have listed six best gifts which you can get easily from display stand suppliers in UAE or corporate gifts in Dubai

These gifts are:

  1. Shirt: Gift him or her a black shirt on birthday to please your assistant because black is the favourite colour of majority of humans on this world. Instead of wrapping it in a gift paper, put it in shopping bag with a small card and gift your employee when he or she arrives in the office.
  2. Pen: There are companies which sell formal pens. Buy any of them and gift on the day he or she enters in your cabin. The gift should be packed in gift paper. It should have a small gift card to please the employee with your reviews about him or her.
  3. Customized Cup: Although it is informal, it pleases the most because of its colours and ecstasy-electrifying designs and patterns. You can make patterns of his favourite shows, series or qualities of him or her on the cup. You can even put quote too. Besides this, you can add some memorable conversation on the cup to delight him or her. 
  4. Wallet: Wallet is a useful thing to gift. You can gift him or her soft coloured or showy wallet according to their gender and personality. It is better not to wrap it. Put it in small shopping bag with a gift card. 
  5. Book: It is the best gift you can gift anyone. Try to gift your employee a special book which they really want to read. In usual conversation, you can ask them about their likes and dislikes so that you can know their personality and favourites. You can buy a novel for them too or you can pick motivation or self-help book too. You can even pick poetry book too.
  6. Journal or notepad: You can buy customized journal or spiral diary for them too but it should be gifted with something else too. Diary should have colourful or eye-gluing cover.